ISE 2019:Add more to the outdoor display

ISE 2019:Add more to the outdoor display

Integrated Systems Europe is the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration professionals, a location where markets and people come together to collaborate, learn and do business. ISE 2019 takes place at RAI Amsterdam on 5-8 February. VISS will showcase new outdoor rental display solutions at stand 12-A64.

VISS Black Knight 3.9mm, pure black SMD outdoor, +4000nit, 16bit, will be officially launched during ISE 2019, which will just offer you a nice choice to have one single screen for indoor and outdoor applications. 500x1000mm and 500x500mm tiles compatible, curve-able, lightweight, plus high contrast, this product just gives you almost all you can ask for in corporate events, besides, its “auto lock” mechanism makes your jobs super quick and easy. Another new product that VISS will bring to ISE is also an outdoor EL3.9mm product but features 45 degree cut on both sides, so cubes can be made with this outdoor product, and it is only 10.5kg per tile, which is an advantage for normal corporate jobs, but when you need touring frames for a job, you can also rely on this product as it comes with professional touring frames and dollies too. Last but not the least, VISS will show one of the signature products, the renowned mesh screen, SE series. The latest project of this symbolic product from VISS is the 1700sqm ceiling project in Genting Casino in Malaysia. The recently upgrades of the SE series enable data back-up and real IP65 protection, which makes this product not just suitable for creative effects making but also competitive for outdoor fixed installations since it cuts down heavily the cost on steel structures and labor costs.



VISS has always been a product-driven company since its establishment in 2004,particularly specializing in rental LED displays. A company’s gene is determined by its founder, Tyson Zhong, the founder of VISS, is one of the very few LED company owners who is truly professional and enjoys spending most of his time making his products not just workable, but really user friendly and aesthetic. If you don’t know this man, you probably don’t know the industry history of rental LED displays in China.

In 2006, when almost all other manufacturers were still making heavy and clumsy traditional LED cabinets with DIP lamps, VISS brought to the market 37.5mm mesh screen for staging applications and 25mm SMD strip screen for both indoor and outdoor use. In 2008, VISS initiated LED dance floor to the market when most people didn’t even know how to make a rental display. In 2010, VISS launched SE Series, which is still a very popular product now. Because VISS focuses on rental LED displays, it is a leader in this market segment.

Some years later, VISS was eventually surrounded by similar products, and now, there are more than enough rental products in the market. The question is, what is the difference between VISS’ products and other rental products? The answer is, everybody can make their products work, but VISS makes its products user friendly and aesthetic. And these are great add-on values VISS always offers to higher end clients.

Some people think LED displays are just a tool to make money. No one will deny it, but on top of that, we believe a great event deserves great screens, which look beautiful in the front and attractive on the back. We believe the rental crew deserves screens that make the installation and service genuinely easier and quicker in the real world not in the PowerPoint, because this is a stressful job. We believe the market deserves to have the option of products that are, after all, people are different, and what we choose makes us who we are.